Aston Martin DBS Vantage

The Aston Martin DBS Vantage is our straight restoration project. It had actually lain unloved, and half built in a fallen down garage with cats living in it directly behind our garage at home for over 20 years. I would have never thought when I was spending late evenings in our garage working on my MGB that I was a few metres away from one of the very few original factory DBS Vantages.

It had been repainted by our neighbour in Ford Midnight Blue and once we got the Aston up on the ramps we were very pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary condition of the body work and the car in general. We coaxed the 6ltr straight 6 Vantage engine back into life, well just about, but no serious concerns. We will be stripping the DBS down to the metal, meticulously restoring every component whilst the shell is returned to its factory specified and glorious Aegean Blue.

The 1971 DBS Vantage is the car both Lucy and I can’t wait to drive and take out to all the classic car shows, who knows maybe we’ll even get her in Villa D’Este or Pebble Beach?

DBS Speedshop
DBS Grill barn
DBS interior barn
DBS Dash barn
DBS Rightside in barn
DBS is here 2
DBS on ramps 2
DBS parts 2
DBS arrived 2
DBS engine work
DBS shoot clapper
DBS on ramp shoot
DBS Shoot
DBS Carbs off
DBS Webber close
Aston DBS in shop