Ethan - “A day in the life… As any classic car owner knows restoration can be a long and laborious process. You’ll have busy days and quiet days. At the Speedshop we just have busy days, especially when the whole production crew is in to shoot the story narrative and the car builds in one day. In this real we wake up at dawn for a location shoot at Donnington circuit with the MGBs before racing back for a day time story sequence at the Speedshop, then catching the sunset for an evening ‘war room meeting’ scene, which I’ve seen the rough cut of and it looks amazing as the opening scene of episode 2… all in a days work!”


Lucy - “There I was cutting the sill off the Morris, trying my hardest to ignore the full team of camera men behind me trying to capture the sparks from my angle grinder… (and trying not to offend anyone) as sometimes I think the crew forget I actually have to build cars… then it was over to the coffee machine for a ‘what are we going to do scene’ with Ethan who managed to f*ck up making a coffee and covered himself in hot water. learning to work on classics is one thing, learning to do it on camera is a whole new level but I’m learning to live with it”