Porsche 944

944 Silverstone

I’d been away at university for three years and in Canterbury you really don’t or want a car. But when I got back, I realised the hole having my MG off the road had left in my life. Sure, I could use one of my parents’ modern cars, but the magic was missing. I didn’t want something from the 70s or earlier, I wanted a more modern comfort, but I still had no interest in pouring money down the drain on a contemporary car.

So, I cast my mind back to the 80s the next generation of classics and remembered the curved rear windows of the late 944s still on the road when mum would drive me to school as a boy and got hunting. And in a few months I’d found her I call her Neenah after the 1984 song 99 Red Balloons, but she’s more commonly called by her callsign, ‘the baron’ that my mates and I named her for a road trip we took across Wales last summer. Whatever she’s called, she’s made me a Porsche person, I smile behind the wheel and look over my shoulder and smile again as I walk away. It’s the perfect daily driver.


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